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Cirilo dum la prologo de Paris-Brest
Cirilo during prologue of Paris-Brest (august 2003)


BEMI is the international association of the Esperanto-speaking cyclists, a group of people, fond of biking in an international context. BEMI organizes regularly  bicycle caravans in diverse countries with participants from diverse nationalities. 

To communicate between us we use Esperanto which enables a better comprehension than any national language, since there are many nationalities in our association (English, German, Belgian, French, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian, etc.) Furthermore we receive along the road help, information and even lodging from many friends and correspondants who speak Esperanto. To find these people we use for example the Esperanto service "Pasporta Servo".

Beside the bike caravans, two BEMI meeting occur every year: The first during "IJK" international meeting of the  youth Esperanto-speaking people, which occurs every summer in a different country.  The second during the "international week" (IS) organized in Germany by the german Esperanto-association. 300 youth people from more than 20 diverse countries feasting together the new year during a whole week.

Join us on the road!
You are...
Interested by an international atmosphere? 
By bike trips in Russia, Brazil, Europe...? 
By Esperanto and an experience of international communication? 
Then, join us on the road! There's not any fee to join us, just to learn Esperanto, a very easy language! You can even discover it on the way!

Multilingual dictionary
You can consult and participate in our multilingual dictionary about bike in : 
English(US), Esperanto, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian.

Esperanto, international language
esperanto.netMore information about Esperanto in 41 languages:
Esperanto on Internet and through the world: 
Music's, radios, home pages,... on the web site Esperanto-Panorama.

Multilingual bike glossary
Biciklo - Multilingual vocabulary

Contacts and mailing list

For using the E-mail addresses, replace (a) with @:
Ivo MIESEN: ivo_m(a)
Yvonne VAN DEN HORK: espi(a)
Mailing list BEMI : (in Esperanto)

BEMI is a section of TEJO  (World Esperanto Youth Association)

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